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Skin Essence Soothe Moisturizer

Skin Essence

  • Put your best skin forward with one of the best sensitive skin moisturizers in the market.

    Product Breakdown

    For the gentleman with sensitive skin.

    Your skin serves as the natural protective barrier against pollutants. If not kept hydrated and moisturized, not only will your skin crack, wrinkle, and flake (not a good look on any modern gentleman), but it will also become susceptible to pollutants and infections.

    This serum is a nutrient-enriched, moisturizing blend of organic extracts, minerals and essential oils formulated to quickly replenish and heal dry skin. Unlike traditional moisturizers that utilize creams, Soothe Moisturizer is an oil, similar to what your skin produces. As such, it gets more quickly absorbed by your skin. Unlike most drugstore brands, Soothe Moisturizer is free of chemicals which is ideal given that your skin absorbs anything on your skin into your body.

  • Editor's Note

    It may take 1 or 2 uses to become accustom to using an oil substance as a moisturizer versus a cream. The absorbing powers of this moisturizer are on par with the most prestigious of brands, and the organic and natural ingredients are tremendous from a holistic health perspective.

  • How it Works

    The abundant rosehip included in this blend promotes skin cell renewal, a process that slows as we age, keeping the skin youthful and vibrant. Other key ingredients, such as galbanum and sage possess brilliant healing and soothing properties.

    How to Use

    Be sure the serums is shaken well before applying so that all of the key ingredients are present in each application. Rub a nickel-size amount of moisturizer into your face and neck each morning after you shower and each evening after you wash your face.

  • Ingredients

    *Certified Organic.

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