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Skin Essence Ocular Eye Serum

Skin Essence

  • Combat puffy eyes and dark circles the organic way.

    Product Breakdown

    For the gentleman who knows very little sleep.

    Over time, skin looses its elasticity. Whether the result of endless nights at the office, burning the midnight oil, or painting the town red, dark circles and puffiness will begin forming under your eyes when fatigued.

    This unique serum contains a variety of nourishing extracts that help improve dark circles, reduce puffiness and smooth fine lines. Ocular was created specifically for the delicate skin around the eye, and serves as a vital protective layer against pollution. The vast array of organic extracts and minerals used in this formulation are highly nutritional, offering a complete anti-aging blend. Looking your handsome best, everyday!

  • Editor's Note

    If you’re in a demanding career, or generally suffer from a lack of sleep, consider keeping one eye roll at the office and another at home, just in case!

  • How it Works

    This product is rich in moisturizing and fatty organic oils and extracts, such as rosehip seed oil, jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, hemp seed oil, and vitamin E, that help soothe puffiness and revitalize your skin to remove dark circles.

    How to Use

    Always make sure Ocular is shaken well before applying, so that all of the key ingredients are present in each application. Apply one drop in total around the eye bone of both eyes.

  • Ingredients

    *Certified Organic.

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