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Skin Essence Light Moisturizer

Skin Essence

  • Oily and acne prone skin, meet the organic moisturizer that is right for you.

    Product Breakdown

    For the gentleman with oily and acne prone skin.

    Your skin serves as the natural protective barrier against pollutants. If not kept hydrated and moisturized, not only will your skin crack, wrinkle, and flake (not a good look on any modern gentleman), but it will also become susceptible to pollutants and infections.

    The unique extracts, essential oils and minerals chosen for this serum have not only a high nutritional value, but are also very light and fast-absorbing. Many of the key ingredients contain natural anti-bacterial properties, which help to keep pores clean and clear preventing break-outs. Unlike traditional moisturizers that utilize creams, Light Moisturizer is an oil, similar to what your skin produces which helps speedup the absorption process. 

    Your skin acts as a sponge, absorbing everything into your system. Thanks to Light Moisturizer's superior ingredients, your skin will absorb the very best of organic ingredients, free of unwanted chemicals.

  • Editor's Note

    If your skin traditionally experiences pimples after applying a moisturizer, the chemicals of your product and skin may not be reacting well with each other. If you are looking for a moisturizer that does not aggravate acne prone skin while also delivering a fast and light moisturizing solution in an organic formula, look no further. This is especially a great product for those who do not like residue from products.

  • How it Works

    The smell of this product is very light and playful thanks to lemon grass, sweet orange, and eucalyptus extracts. The aforementioned ingredients, combined with a full suit of other organic ingredients delivery the light moisturizing solution you have been looking for.

    How to Use

    Be sure the serums is shaken well before applying so that all of the key ingredients are present in each application.

    Rub a nickel-size amount of moisturizer into your face and neck each morning after you shower and each evening after you wash your face.

  • Ingredients

    *Certified Organic.

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