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Nair For Men Body Cream Hair Remover

Nair For Men

  • Remove unwanted body hair without the hassle of shaving.

    Product Breakdown

    For the gentleman looking to remove unwanted body hair.

    Nair For Men Body cream is a longer lasting solution to shaving. Effective on coarse or thick hair, this specially designed cream formula dissolves hair below your skin's surface so you get smooth skin for days.

  • Editor's Note

    Designed with exfoliating and moisturizing properties, this one-step formula can be used on your back, chest, stomach, arms, legs and ankles. Quick and easy to use. Abs sold separately!

  • How it Works

    The cream dissolves hair just below the skin's surface to provide effective hair removal.

    How to Use

    Before showering, apply to dry skin while using a thick even layer. After application, wash your hands immediately and wait 1 minute before showering. While in the shower, keep your skin out of the direct stream of the water. Leave the cream on your skin for at least 2 minutes (but not more than 10 minutes!). To remove, use a damp washcloth to remove cream and hair. Do not rub your skin. Rinse thoroughly. Pat dry your skin.

  • Ingredients

    Aqua, Mineral Oil, Calcium Thioglycolate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Calcium Hydroxide, Ceteareth-20, Sodium Hydroxide, Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract, Helianthus Annus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Parfum, Butylene Glycol, Chromium Hydroxide Green.

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