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Gillette Mach 3 Sensitive Blades (5 Pack)


  • An improvement on the classic Mach 3 razor for men with sensitive skin.

    Product Breakdown

    Relative to the classic Mach 3 razor, Mach 3 Sensitive razors are equipped with power glide blades with advanced coating, designed to give Mach 3 Sensitive a better, less irritable shave compared to its counterpart.

    The lubricating strip releases more lubrication over time giving great razor glide and adding to shaving comfort. The green stripe fades with use to signal when you may no longer be getting the optimal shave. 

    Be sure to shave after a hot shower, prior to towel drying your face, for best and most comfortable shaving results.

  • Editor's Note

    These cartridges are interchangeable on any Mach 3 system.

  • How it Works

    Shaves away your facial and neck hair, leaving behind a smooth feeling.  

    How to Use

    Upon applying shaving cream, gel or foam, use the razor to first shave with the grain and subsequently against it for a smooth, hairless finish.

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