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Durex Avanti Bare Latex (12 Pack)


Category: Durex, Sexual Wellness

  • It feels like you are wearing nothing at all!

    Product Breakdown

    Here is the scoop: Durex Avanti Bare Latex are Durex’s thinnest condoms to date.  20% thinner than Durex’s standards condoms, these condoms allow for a much more natural feeling and with proper use, they are just as effective as any of Durex’s other condoms. 

  • Editor's Note

    Finding the right condom for you and your partner is like finding the right golf club. Everyone has their preferences and you have to find what works for you.

  • How it Works

    Proper use of a condom not only protects against unplanned pregnancy, but also prevents STDs from transmitting.

    How to Use

    After taking out the condom from its pack, first determine which way the condom is rolled. Once determined, fully pinch the tip of the condom as you roll it down the fully length of your manliness. Always be sure to allow space for the reservoir on the tip of the manliness. Now, go get ‘em tiger!

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