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Caboo 2 ply Toilet Paper (4 Pack)


Category: Caboo, Toilet Paper

  • Caboo, soft enough to feel like Egyptian cotton, yet firm enough to handle a judo chop. Plus, this made-in-Canada toilet paper does more than just take care of Number 2, it also saves the environment.

    Product Breakdown

    The most essential of all gentlemanly essentials - toilet paper.

    Not all toilet papers are created equal. Some are single ply, some rip on contact, and others are basically substitutes for sand paper. However, Caboo was created to be the king of toilet papers.

    This double ply product is a gift from the heavens - it feels like Egyptian cotton but is firm enough to handle a judo chop. Plus, Caboo is an environmentally friendly choice, made from 100% bamboo and sugarcane fibres.

    A gentleman's toilet paper says a lot about him: Caboo says, "I'm strong, sensitive, and enjoy the finer things in life. I also like long walks on the beach, the environment, saving people from burning buildings and can write a mean haiku".

  • Editor's Note

    A toilet paper fit for the modern gentleman.

  • How it Works

    Whether it is to clean up after Number 2 or help perfect your mummy costume for Halloween, this toilet paper will not let you down.

    How to Use

    Tear off a few sheets and take care of business.