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BIC Flex 4 (3 Pack)


Category: BIC, Razors and Blades

  • A premium 4-blade disposable razor, because more is better.

    Product Breakdown

    This is among one of the most premium disposable razors in the market.

    BIC Flex 4 is a disposable premium 4-blade shaver. The pivoting head provides for a close shave and the extra-large lube strip consisting of aloe and vitamin E moisturize your skin as you shave.

  • Editor's Note

    BIC may not have the same allure as Gillette or Schick, but the brand delivers great shaves at even better prices.

    Each pack comes with 3 disposable razors, with each razor lasting 1 to 2 shaves.

    Be sure to shave after a hot shower, prior to towel drying your face, for best and most comfortable shaving results.

  • How it Works

    Shaves away your facial and neck hair, leaving behind a smooth feeling.  

    How to Use

    Upon applying shaving cream, gel or foam, use the razor to first shave with the grain and subsequently against it for a smooth, hairless finish.

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