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About Us

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A Different Approach

Gentlemen's Post was born from a simple statement: A well-groomed gentleman never goes out of style.

We recognized that there was a gap in the market: There are no all-encompassing online sources for men to be able to easily and cost effectively get their grooming essentials. We want to ensure that all you fine chaps have access to what you need, when and where you need it.

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Our motive to offer gentlemen the best grooming related products has led us across three continents. We’ve identified and brought to you old classics, prestige and natural grooming lines that match your lifestyle.

And with free shipping on subscription orders and product pricing on par, if not up to 20% more competitive than leading national pharmacies, your bank account and vacation fund just got a little plumper.

Clean and simple. Just the way we like it.



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Our Team

The founders of Gentlemen's Post are university friends with one very common philosophy: It is vital to be a true gentleman in all that you do. This extends to their affinity for being well-groomed. Combining their shared values and vision for simplicity, refined experiences and exceptional service, they devised Gentlemen's Post.

They left careers in finance and sales to explore the fine art of entrepreneurship so that they could offer a truly unique way for men to receive their grooming essentials. After all, a well-groomed man never goes out of style.